Just imagine how excited your child will be when he opens up his book and finds he is the Star of the story!!

What You Do


You choose the book you like from our unique collection.  Submit a photo of your child and the usual spelling of his name and email it to me.  I do the rest!


What I do

I take the photo you have submitted, along with your child's name and incorporate them into the story line of the book you have chosen.  
Then I custom edit, print and hand-bind each book  giving you a beautiful and personalized final product. 

All Star!

When the book is finished, your child will be the star of his or her very own story.  Each beautifully handmade Original  will include your child's name in many areas as the main character of the book! 
Isn't that exciting?

As an added touch, we can include names and photos of friends and family or pets from your child's life into your personalized story book!   Let us put your child's and Fido's name in lights!