Put your child in the story!



By taking dreams, personal experiences and sometimes funny things her kids have said and done, Lori-Anne is able to create interesting and relatable stories we can all enjoy.  With the help of her children, She has come up with some wonderful learning books that speak to the kid in all of us! 

Lori-Anne believes that every child should grow up feeling special, important and loved.  By adding your child's name as the Star of a story, she helps to do just that! 


At My Little AllStar, we take pride in creating beautiful, unique, customized books that your child is going to love.  By adding your child's name and photo to the story, we create individualized stories in which your child becomes the Star.  Your very own Little AllStar.


Lori-Anne individually edits, and prints each original story you choose.  She then hand-binds and carefully packages and ships your customized creation right to your door-step! 


We can't think of a better way to get your child reading and keep his or her interest than to make reading fun!   


Lori-AnneVictoria has written several fun and funny kids books that rhyme and tell stories and lessons for us all.  

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